Friday, April 01, 2011

M.A.P.P. Starts tomorrow :)

Yea, we start our M.A.P.P. training tomorrow. I am super excited to start with that!
It will be nice to be around others that are going through the same thing we are too!
I hope that there are some fun people there.

As far as the mural goes, Alex has still been working on the sketches for me. And she has them ready to go over with me. So far she has a cherry blossom tree and a schnauzer. I can;t wait to meet up with her and see what she has. I think that those things will be generic enough that it won't matter if "she" is a 6 year old or a 12 year old. We can change the look of the room with the furniture we choose and bedding and accessories.
I am getting so excited!

So we are waiting to hear back on our FBI and SBI fingerprint checks, but I am sure they are fine. 

I am just so please at how easy things have gone with everything. I know that God already has our daughter picked out for us! :)

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