Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grateful for Friends

I think I have finally accepted the fact that no matter how hard I push things are not going to go any quicker.
I am just going to relax and believe that when it is time to have our family we will have it.
I had another wonderful evening with my friend Kim from SPAFA (Southern Piedmont Adoptive
Families of America). I always feel so refreshed after spending time with her. Last evening she brought someone to meet me, Antoinette is also adopting an older child from foster care through the same agency. We have the same social worker and she is about 5 months behind where I am. She is very sweet and very smart in her questioning. And a very giving person. I liked her.
Kim shared something that really made me at peace. That herself and everyone she knows that has adopted feels like their children where meant to be in their if it were destiny. She shared the tale of the invisible red thread, which is from an ancient Chinese Proverb.
"An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break." 
I feel so blessed to have met Kim, she is one of those people I just clicked with. I have been so fortunate that since we started our process I have met such wonderful people that I know I will have life long friendships with.

The Mommies Network blog is about ready to start rolling out. We are tweaking the website and doing practice it should be soon that I go national.
I am working on a list of adoption resources for the site. Luckily Kim had given me pages of resources. Now I am working on getting them all typed out so I get get them up on the site.

We meet again with our social worker next Tuesday, We are suppose to be finalizing our Foster Care Application and our Home Study then...but we will see.  So for now I am reading more books and researching online and waiting.

Lyrics for the video- When Love Takes You In
I know you’ve heard the stories
But they all sound too good to be true
You’ve heard about a place called home
But there doesn’t seem to be one for you
So one more night you cry yourself to sleep
And drift off to a distant dream

Where love takes you in and everything changes
A miracle starts with the beat of a heart
When love takes you home and says you belong here
The loneliness ends and a new life begins
When love takes you in

And somewhere while you’re sleeping
Someone else is dreaming too
Counting down the days until
They hold you close and say I love you
And like the rain that falls into the sea
In a moment what has been is lost in what will be

When love takes you in everything changes
A miracle starts with the beat of a heart

And this love will never let you go
There is nothing that could ever cause this love to lose its hold

When love takes you in everything changes
A miracle starts with the beat of a heart
When love takes you home and says you belong here
The loneliness ends and a new life begins
When love takes you in it takes you in for good
When love takes you in

Saturday, October 08, 2011

I am so excited I could pee

So the later part of this afternoon I got a call from my social worker Monica...I look down, see her number and automatically I think...Oh man, what now? Surprisingly when I picked up Monica was really excited saying she has been contacted by another social worker with a sibling group for us... but it is 3 boys.
She knows we want a girl and preferably 2 kids, but she was asked to call us. The reason is she was contacted by Ondra, our instructor from our MAPP classes. She remembered us and was thought we would be great parents for these kids because they are bilingual but Spanish is their first language. I asked Monica how this would work since we were not approved yet... she said it wouldn't be a problem, because everything is almost done. She said that she had no worries about us being approved and that they would make it work out if there is a sibling group that we would match up with.
I told her I would discuss this with Cris, but we really want a girl in the mix. She says she has a couple more sibling groups she will send me bios on tomorrow.
This is the most excited I have been in a long time!
Cris and I discussed it this evening and we agree that we want either 2 girls or a girl and a boy. Possibly even 2 girls and a boy if the situation is right.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Could it be...Progress?

I am so confused and aggrevated, but I can also see progress.
I have another form to fill out and I am waiting to get that in my email. And we are scheduled on October 25th to finalize our paperwork. The bad thing is that is when it gets sent to the state and it will be at least 50 days for approval. With that being said, there is very little to no chance of us getting our family together by Christmas. That will be rough. Another set of  holidays without a family to celebrate with.
What I am confused about is that I was told that we had to be approved to get children's bios.
We received bios on one sibling group, so I am not sure if we were approved or if we got it in error.
Either way, we got I am not going to ask...I don't want to bring attention to the fact that they probably shouldn't have sent them to me.

I have been corresponding with the team at the Mommies Network trying to get my blog set up over there.
And with just a few more views on this site and I will have 5000 views of this blog. In 3 days it will be 9 months since we started this long, long journey.
Thanks ya'll for caring to keep up with my story.I am very blessed to have amazing family and friends that love us so much.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Finishing Touches on the girl's room and started the boy's room

Boy have we been busy. Which is good it keeps my mind off things. I put an email into my social worker stating how frustrated we were. She responded quickly, like she always done. Which is great. But she really couldn't give me any answers...which is not so great. She talked about how she has so many families to help and how this is just the process. She did say as far as she could tell we had everything we need. So we just wait...

The longer I wait the more money I spend (hehe). Retail therapy is always fun! The girl's room is done with the exception of the bedding which I will let her pic out. It's turned out so cute. I have slept in there the last few night, since my parents are here.

My parents and Cris helped me with the "World Travels" project. I am so happy with it :) Here it is...

We can add pictures of places that we visit as a family. We used yarn with colored push pins to attach the photos to where the pictures were taken. It turned out exactly like I pictured it!

 We are going on 9 months since the beginning of our journey. I am so ready for us to start the next chapter. We should be starting up our blogs for The Mommies Network this month. I am planning a Halloween Party for some of our friends ans their children. That should be fun. I am planning all kinds of corny "Halloween" foods like lil smokie Mummies ( basically lil smokies wrapped in crescent rolls to look like mummies)
We will have bobbing for apples and some other games for the kids.
It should be fun! Other than that not much else going on...hoping to have some news soon :)