Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost there!

Whew, the last couple of weeks have been absolutely insane! Florida Interstate Compact Office had approved our adoption almost 2 weeks ago and sent it on to North Carolina. When I first contacted North Carolina's Interstate Compact Office they told me it usually takes 60 days. 60 Days!!!! I was freaking out! 
School starts in less than 60 days. Poor Sweetie would have to start 6th grade in Florida and then move her a few weeks later... that would have been awful for her. We have been upfront with Sweetie about the process, so I shared with her that it may take a while and that I was going to do everything in my power to get her here soon. Little did she know that I really meant that I would do everything in my power. Sweetie's behavior started to decline. So I had to do something.
Those who know me well, know that I once I get something in my head, I am like a bull that will just plow through until I get what I want.  Well, that is what I did. I emailed everyone and anyone I could find online that may have some connection to either Intestate Compact Office. I even emailed our state Senators and Representatives. And when I say email, I mean emailed them every day! I did that and just prayed. 
Well, 2 days ago I got the email that North Carolina approved the adoption as well. 
Now on Monday Sweetie's social worker has to file one last form that usually takes 5 days to get approved and we can bring her home. So it should only be a week or two more before I our girl comes home!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sweetie's First Visit Home

What a whirlwind weekend! I am pretty sure that going to Disney this past weekend was a mistake, Oh well... you live you learn! The hot weather and the sensory overload was a bit too much for our visit this past weekend. Unfortunately, time at Disney World itself was not really that great. The times that were great were the simpler moments, swimming together in the pool, or cuddling in bed rubbing Sweetie's arms as she feel asleep each night. I am happy to say that after a very long ride home we are adjusting well to home life.It is a much quieter pace than what we experienced last weekend. The rest of the week we have laid low. Tuesday we went to the pool, did some chores and then Sweetie made a cake and helped make dinner for Cris. 
She did a great job on the cake! She decorated it with Popcorn and Red said I Love You Papi. 
Wednesday we just hung out around the house.
Thursday we went shopping and painted Sweeties Bathroom Lime Green and Bright Purple.
Friday we went to Mrs. Amy's house for ice cream sundaes and to hang out with Hollister and the babies.
Then last night we went to music at the pond in our neighborhood. 
This week was a big change, like expected. Sweetie is non-stop energy. And like most kids her age she is "bored" all the time. Even at Disney World...but I know she had a good time. 
We got up at 3am today and did a round trip down to Florida and back to drop off Sweetie. It was really hard on her this time. Before I went to bed around midnight I checked in on her and she was in her room sobbing. It was so heartbreaking. This has got to be so scary for her. I just held her and rocked her on my lap. Until she calmed down, then we played with her barbies for a little while. She did well on the ride. Since she didn't sleep much last night, she slept a lot of the ride down. We miss her already! 

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Adoption Expo

Hey ya'll! Boy am I wiped out... but never to tired to update my blog! 
I am not sure if wrote about my involvement with SPAFA before now in my blog.
SPAFA is Southern Piedmont Adoptive Families of America. It is a group of adoptive families that provide support and educational resources to the adoptive community. This year I am Vice-President. One of our big events of the year is our Adoption Expo. We hosted this Expo today! We had 14 different adoption agencies/vendors present and had a wonderful Key Note Speaker, Dawn Davenport of Creating A Family.
It was a wonderfully successful event with over 100 in attendance. This was a ton of work, but it is so worth it to help families get started on the journeys to growing their families through adoption. I wish I had known about SPAFA when I started our journey. It would have been great to know of all of the choices that are available here in the Charlotte area. I was amazed at the number of choices. More so I was impressed by the people who attended the Expo. Some absolutely fabulous people are getting ready to go through the process to adopt a child. It is amazing to know that so many children's lives are going to be better because of these people! Seriously, over 100 people were there to educate themselves! How awesome is that? They are not going into this blindly like so many do. I give these people some major kudos for this!!! It just gives me so much hope for the futures of these kids and for the continued growth of SPAFA. 
The thing I have loved the most about becoming a member of SPAFA is the friendships I have made. The women here have been like sisters to me. The have cried with me in my lowest moments and have celebrate in our triumphs. They are all so amazing and I am grateful every day for the blessing that they have become to my life! 

Meanwhile while I was running around in a million directions my husband was out of town on a work trip to Miami. On his way back he stopped in to spend some time with Sweetie! He was so happy... I am going to just copy and past his Facebook status... please excuse the grammar (Cris is from Ecuador and English is his second language,,he spells things how they sound to him)...I think it makes the following even cuter!
 "What can I said, she is my new reason for live . I stop and have dinner and did some shopping with Sweetie and I enjoy every minute it"