Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost there!

Whew, the last couple of weeks have been absolutely insane! Florida Interstate Compact Office had approved our adoption almost 2 weeks ago and sent it on to North Carolina. When I first contacted North Carolina's Interstate Compact Office they told me it usually takes 60 days. 60 Days!!!! I was freaking out! 
School starts in less than 60 days. Poor Sweetie would have to start 6th grade in Florida and then move her a few weeks later... that would have been awful for her. We have been upfront with Sweetie about the process, so I shared with her that it may take a while and that I was going to do everything in my power to get her here soon. Little did she know that I really meant that I would do everything in my power. Sweetie's behavior started to decline. So I had to do something.
Those who know me well, know that I once I get something in my head, I am like a bull that will just plow through until I get what I want.  Well, that is what I did. I emailed everyone and anyone I could find online that may have some connection to either Intestate Compact Office. I even emailed our state Senators and Representatives. And when I say email, I mean emailed them every day! I did that and just prayed. 
Well, 2 days ago I got the email that North Carolina approved the adoption as well. 
Now on Monday Sweetie's social worker has to file one last form that usually takes 5 days to get approved and we can bring her home. So it should only be a week or two more before I our girl comes home!!!

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