Monday, October 03, 2011

Could it be...Progress?

I am so confused and aggrevated, but I can also see progress.
I have another form to fill out and I am waiting to get that in my email. And we are scheduled on October 25th to finalize our paperwork. The bad thing is that is when it gets sent to the state and it will be at least 50 days for approval. With that being said, there is very little to no chance of us getting our family together by Christmas. That will be rough. Another set of  holidays without a family to celebrate with.
What I am confused about is that I was told that we had to be approved to get children's bios.
We received bios on one sibling group, so I am not sure if we were approved or if we got it in error.
Either way, we got I am not going to ask...I don't want to bring attention to the fact that they probably shouldn't have sent them to me.

I have been corresponding with the team at the Mommies Network trying to get my blog set up over there.
And with just a few more views on this site and I will have 5000 views of this blog. In 3 days it will be 9 months since we started this long, long journey.
Thanks ya'll for caring to keep up with my story.I am very blessed to have amazing family and friends that love us so much.

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