Sunday, October 02, 2011

Finishing Touches on the girl's room and started the boy's room

Boy have we been busy. Which is good it keeps my mind off things. I put an email into my social worker stating how frustrated we were. She responded quickly, like she always done. Which is great. But she really couldn't give me any answers...which is not so great. She talked about how she has so many families to help and how this is just the process. She did say as far as she could tell we had everything we need. So we just wait...

The longer I wait the more money I spend (hehe). Retail therapy is always fun! The girl's room is done with the exception of the bedding which I will let her pic out. It's turned out so cute. I have slept in there the last few night, since my parents are here.

My parents and Cris helped me with the "World Travels" project. I am so happy with it :) Here it is...

We can add pictures of places that we visit as a family. We used yarn with colored push pins to attach the photos to where the pictures were taken. It turned out exactly like I pictured it!

 We are going on 9 months since the beginning of our journey. I am so ready for us to start the next chapter. We should be starting up our blogs for The Mommies Network this month. I am planning a Halloween Party for some of our friends ans their children. That should be fun. I am planning all kinds of corny "Halloween" foods like lil smokie Mummies ( basically lil smokies wrapped in crescent rolls to look like mummies)
We will have bobbing for apples and some other games for the kids.
It should be fun! Other than that not much else going on...hoping to have some news soon :)

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  1. Keeping you and Cris in my prayers every day! Also praying that the system finds a way to work faster so that great parents like you are brought together with all the kids that are waiting patiently to go home. It's so heartbreaking to know that you're ready, and kids are ready, and everybody's stuck waiting due to "the process"... Hoping to hear good news soon!! -Kelly M.