Saturday, April 09, 2011

M.A.P.P. class 2

We had class again today. It was a shorter class, which was nice.
We discussed things like attachment, how to look for underlying reasons for behavior and appropriate ways to discipline. There are so many discipline techniques that biological families that are not acceptable for an adoptive child. I am sure that after we have our daughter and their our issues that people will have their opinions of how they feel that we should discipline her. However, she will not be like every other kid out there and forms of punishment that may work for someones biological child won't work with a child who has been in foster care.

Since class finished early we went to lunch with 2 other couples. Leigh Anne and Jerel and a woman named Michelle and her husband. They are also adopting. It is nice to talk to people going through the same things we are.

I found out that the finger printing we did through the Sheriff's Department are only good for 30 days. That is a bummer but the good thing is they will have finger printing the first Tuesday in May in the evening where we take our classes. So, it will work out fine.

We also need to have CPR. I am certified, but Cris is not. Luckily Jerel is a CPR instructor, so we are going to get together for an evening of dinner and fun!

Not next weekend but the weekend after I am going to try to do the furniture exchange. I can't wait to get the furniture for her room!!!

Monday I have to call and try to set up for a fire marshall to come and inspect our residence. It is crazy the amount of things we have to do to adopt. I totally understand, but it is a little frustrating when almost any idiot seems to be able to have a child, but we have to have every aspect of our lives tested and analyzed. Imagine how few people would be on this earth if they had to go through all of this to get pregnant.

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  1. I agree. How many parents do you know that know CPR? Some don't have a lot of common sense, hence the lack of birth control and people having kids when they shouldn't in the first place. How many people don't/can't take care of their kids (medical care, nutrition, education, safe place to live)? How many of those don't get pulled out and placed in foster care or up for adoption and pay the ultimate price? Makes you think! But then this is the first anniversary of that kook in Ohio sending her adopted child back to Russia alone on a plane because she "couldn't handle him"! How'd she get him to begin with?