Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bedroom Set

I am super excited. I am trading the new queen size mattress that is in my spare room for a twin bed and mattress and dresser with one of my girls at work :)

She also gave me a cute pink side table and a wall decal that is chalkboard material :)

I think I am just going to have the mural on just one wall, leaving the other walls the cream color that they are now until "She" gets here and can decide what colors she wants for those walls.
 Lord knows if we do get an older girl the walls will be covered with Justin Bieber.... Oh Jeez...

Here is the furniture...


  1. Such a pretty set Jen! The bedroom is going to look great!

  2. The furniture is AWESOME!!! I love the drawings that Alex has sketched out so far! you are going to make such a warm and inviting place for her to call her own! I so super excited for you and Chris!

  3. So pretty! See you tomorrow!

    Oh, and thanks, Tracy! I'm looking forward to the finished product :)

  4. Thanks ladies! Our goal is to create a special space to call her own. I am super excited about what Alex can do and how this will all look together :)