Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Homestudy :)

So Ms. Baptiste our social worker was here for our home study!
She loved the house, the furbabies, my cooking and of course us :)
We really didn't get interrogated like I thought I was. Our social worker review our paper work and gave us tips on things we should add or take out. So many others I have talked to said how they were asked all kinds of questions. She really liked our responses and laughed at a lot of them. She knew that the adoption panel would really love our profiles. So all in all it was good. She said she knew we would get approved , which was comforting!

I got a sad email today. One of the girls we were really interested in Gabby has a family that she is currently doing visits with, so there is a very good chance that she may not be available when we are ready.
Cris & I are ok with this. We really feel strongly that what ever child we are meant to have, we will have.

On a funny note... my friend Leigh had this on her facebook status... It looks like a hilarious book :)
I am sure lots of my friends know this feeling!

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  1. You have a great attitude! You're right. You will get a great child who is meant to be with the two of you. You are going to be an awesome mom!