Sunday, April 03, 2011

First sketches of the Mural

Alex has been working on the original sketches for the mural. I love what she has done so far.

These are just first drafts. We are getting together Thursday for her to see the room and discuss this more.

There will be lots of cherry blossoms and a quote that we are working on...Alex has some ideas.
I love how happy he looks running :o)

And I love dragonflies!!

I think all these things will be cool no matter what age.
You can see more of Alex's art and photography at Portrait Art For Pets and Their People
5% of all her proceeds go to local humane societies.


  1. YAY!! Thanks, Jen for documenting this project! I can't wait until the mural is done, and we can look back at these preliminary sketches. I am really excited to get to this!

  2. That looks awesome! Can't wait to see it finished!