Saturday, April 30, 2011

CPR for dummies

(Cris looks like he is in Child's Pose from Yoga.)

We had a really great night that started with Cris making some plantain chips and frying up some Yucca fries.
Followed by some freshly made ceviche which was yummy and then onto some Chimichangas. We were all so full it was hard to imagine getting on the floor to do CPR.

Jerel was really great at making this a fun CPR class. I am very grateful for him coming to teach us this evening. Here is a link to his website if you have a group of people who want to take CPR:

The best part of tonight was just having other couples going through the same thing as us to hang out with. We are definitely 3 totally different couples but that is ok. Cris really enjoyed the evening too, which those of you who know my husband know that he is extremely guarded when it comes to making friends. I can tell he really likes both couples. He must have asked me 10 times after they left if I liked them. Any one who knows me knows that I like everyone. Cris and I are complete opposites, but it works. It is really great to interact with other couples as a couple.

So, another busy week ahead of us. Our social worker has all of our official paperwork to submit to her supervisor. That should be early next week. Tuesday we do fingerprinting again  (the first set we did was electronic and only good for 30 days). Friday I have an Office Manager Lunch, Saturday we have M.A.P.P. class and a wedding reception that evening for one of my assistants. That will be a fun evening :)
Oh yeah, and Alex starts the mural Friday!!! I should get the final sketched this week sometime! I am super excited about that!
I am going to call to move my fire inspection up, since I now have the forms.

We received an invite for a Matching Event in June up on Lake Norman. Where they bring children who are available from all over the state to meet up with prospective families. This one will be learning how to Wake Board, go tubing and other fun water activities! That should be a lot of fun! It will be great to see the kids involved in activities.

So lots going on! I am so very excited about everything.


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