Saturday, April 23, 2011

Moving right along

Lots of great things happening now! Our Background checks cleared!!! Yay! Not that I was worried...but you never know. I have been know to marry a weirdo or two. hehe. So now that I know Cris isn't a wanted felon we can move on:)

Our home study is Tuesday at 5:00! That worked out perfect, I have Monday off for Easter. So I will be steam cleaning the rugs and mopping floors. I normally do that stuff over the weekend, but my pups can get the carpets dirty in a day or two. I have been organizing closets today.

Our social worker Ms. Baptiste is awesome and I will be cooking for her since she is coming at 5:00.
Oh, what to make??
Skillet Lasagna and fresh baked bread and salad? BBQ Chicken and potato salad and corn? I so many great recipes. I guess it will depend on the weather so I can see if grilling is even possible.

Friday Alex starts on the mural, the dogs get groomed and we are hosting CPR at our house for 2 of the couples in our class. That will be cool.

Well, I need to get out into my garden to plant seedlings. We have tomatoes, cucumbers and a bunch of herbs :)

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