Saturday, April 16, 2011

M.A.P.P. class 3

We are more than half way through our M.A.P.P. training. Yea!!!! Today we  did our medication certification...yippee. Nothing too exciting. After class we went top Brixx for lunch with Leigh Ann, Jerel, Michelle and Mark. We had a great time. We really like getting to know them. The class has been good, but meeting them has been the best part!

We get 2 weeks off from class due to the Easter holiday. It will be nice to have a break, but I would prefer to keep on pushing forward. I am hoping to get our homestudy scheduled this week. Michelle & Mark just got their scheduled for this coming week. They started back in the fall, and were waiting on this class to move forward. Considering that we just started in February, we are moving right along.

I have been researching lots of benefits that she will be eligible for. I found that in NC any child who in foster care and/or adopted after the age of age 12 is eligible for up to 4 years of college in any NC State school. Including tuition, room and board, a laptop and books and supplies.
What a fabulous benefit for these kids! Whether or not we adopt Gaby I think this is just awesome.
Another program I found that I think is awesome is through OFA where they send care packages to kids who have aged out of foster care and are in college.
This is something I am going to get involved with myself.

We have a crazy few weeks coming up. We get our girls furniture tomorrow!! I am really excited and will post more pictures tomorrow once in the her room. We have stuff going on the next 4 weekends. then 2 weeks off and then our cruise!! Yay! We are going to the Bahamas with my brother, sis in law and niece Taylor. We can't wait to spend time with them!

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