Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So I have this... What do we do now?

First I have to say yay we got our Foster License emailed to us!!! Notice it was approved 2 months ago. Funny. So, in the last month I submitted my PPA out 35 times. Crazy! Out of that we have only received a few bios and out of those bios most of the kids were already placed. We are going to a Matching Event next weekend. Hoping to make some connections with social workers there. I was on an adoption forum earlier and someone wrote about how it took 3 years to get matched.. There is absolutely no way I am waiting 3 years. I am trying to be patient but my patience is wearing very thin. I do not understand this at all... Praying all day that our child(ren) are on their way.
I can not imagine this journey without my friends Kim and Shelli. They had been so supportive of us during this very long journey!!!

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