Thursday, February 09, 2012

Time to Rebuild

So, we met with our social worker and her supervisor last evening to talk about moving forward. We discussed a lot of different things. The movement in is now Finding Families for Children not Finding Children for Families. With that being said they also shared that not everyone will get to adopt. They gave an example of a 5 & 3 year old sibling group that we inquired about...there were over 60 families who wanted to be considered. 65!! That is so crazy, but it is reality!

As disappointed as I may be in recent events with Tiny, I have a peace that it is ok and Tiny is where she needs to be. Maybe her bio-mom will do what she needs to do and she will get her back. I can pray for that for her. I really feel like my purpose was to get her through her medical needs. For those who do not know, Tiny had some pretty bad respiratory issues while with us and we spent many hours doing nebulizer treatments and had many Dr visits in a short amount of time. Her crisis period has subsided and she is in a theraputic foster home that can monitor and continue to treat her respiratory issues.

As for us, we are hitting the pavement hard with looking for our future children. We are registered with Adoptuskids and NCKids. We were sent a couple of potential matches. There was a sibling group here in NC that was sent to me as a potential match. A boy 13 and a girl 9. No emotional problems, both excel in school, like animals, being active and most importantly affectionate and wanting to be adopted. The more research I have done, the more I have seen how many kids don't want to be adopted. They have an idealized vision that they will go back to biofamily and everything will be fine.  I did an inquiry on the children and was asked to submit my home study to see if we could be a match. I was told that if we looked like a potential match that they would forward our home study to the children;s social worker. And I was told to check back sometime next week. Within 20 minutes I had an email that we looked like a potential match and that she was forward us on.

So We are pretty excited.  Keep us in your prayers and thoughts.

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