Monday, July 18, 2011


Well, I do need to go to therapy... Oh Joy...talking about 31 year old crap. I will do what ever I need to. As long as I commit to going they will continue to move forward with the adoption process... so I guess I am going to therapy. The therapist I saw 5 years ago said I had issues with intimacy...not in a toiuchy feely kind of way, I am fine there. Anyone who knows me knows I am a hugger. My short coming is I have come to expect that noone will stick around, so I have become self sufficent and I have learned to survie no matter what. That has come in handy at times. No matter what I survive. I understand that the adoption agency is looking out for the best interest of the child and they want to make sure that my issues are handled before I am forced to deal with someone elses. I am sure after a visit or two, this therapist will say the same thing as the last...that I am ok and dealing with life how I should. It stinks I have to go through the motions. Our SW is very confident that we will be approved and keeps telling me not to worry.
I will be getting a new social worker soon for the child selection process. I am so excited for this to get here.
I am not sure if I wrote this before or not, but Cris and I have decided if they approach us with a brother & sister, we will take both of them. That way we will be done in one shot. I don;t think I could handle going through this again.
On a good note, Alex is coming again Wednesday and says she will finish up by this weekend on the mural! Yay!! That will be so awesome!
Well, that is all  I have for now!

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  1. Hang in there! All the of this is just red tape. You will be rewarded soon! That would be so cool if u guys got a sibling group or can I say it....TWINS! :-) haha!