Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mural...Ok so not quite done yet, but close

It is getting so close to being done....

I have an appointment set with the new therapist this coming Tuesday after work. I am glad that most therapist have openings in my schedule. I found one that takes my insurance and practices the type of counseling they want me to attend. Before this, I never knew there was such a big difference.

I have been trying to keep myself busy so that I don't think too much about waiting. That just makes me sad.
So, I am organizing a "Vendor Blender" to benefit United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. I am pretty excited. August 26th I am getting vendors from all kinds of companies to sell their products and donate the hostess profit and/or the consultants profit to United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation I have quite a few vendors lined up already... Creative Memories, Passion Parties, Pampered Chef, Premier Jewelry, Chartruese (eco-friendly products) Thirty One and a Wine Tasting! I am hoping to get a lot more! That is all just in the last day.
I am glad to have something to keep my mind off things.

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  1. I could not admire you more, Jennifer for everything you doing and going trough. Your BIG heart, your patience, devotion and never-ending LOVE. You are the most incredible woman I have met in my life. You are and you will be a phenomenal Mom! I say you ARE because you were born to be a mother and lucky are those who are surrounded by you. Being a mother you just have it in you and lucky those, who have you in their life. Little One that is coming your way will be the happiest little angel out there.
    Many, many luck to you! Tons of smiles (smiley faces)and peaceful nights. I wish you as many content moments as possible, happiness and fulfillment of all desires.
    You deserve it and I know you will be blessed with all that.
    With all my heart...
    - hugs (I know you are a huger ;) ) and kisses..

    Magdalena Gershfeld :)

    Ps. I am so glad I have met you!