Monday, July 11, 2011

Jumping Through Hoops

Our Social Worker came today. Really only to discuss how I feel about when my bilogical mother died and about where I lived when I was younger. I didn't have too much to say because I was so young.
She then asked if I would be willing to go to therapy if they requested it. Of course I said yes. I will do what ever I need to do. A few years ago I went for a few visita and she tild me I was normal and was dealing with things in a healthy manner. I gave the SW the therapist info, so hopefully that will do.

The SW also mentioned that she was suppose to interview Cris and I seperately. That today would count as my interview. She has to check if it really is mandatory to meet seperately.
If so we will need Cris to get interviewed as well. Anyone who knows my husband knows that his interview will be interesting!

So it looks like we won;t be getting approved anytime in the next couple weeks. Urgh!
I need to concentrate on being patient.

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