Friday, July 08, 2011


So today (like I do every other Friday) I called my social worker to check on if there is any change in status. She says "Oh yeah, I was going to call you to set up an appoinment for next week". I am thinking Yay! We are getting our approval. So I say is this a good or bad thing. She responds with it is just a thing... there is something with your application but I prefer to talk to you in person. We set an appt up for Monday evening. I have no clue what could be up with my application...they have been processing it since the beginning of June.
She was in her car and was getting a bad signal so we had to hang up.
After a little while of internalizing I have myself all worked up.
If we don't get approved I am going to lose it. I have tried to stay so positive through everything...all of my infertility issues, my hysterectomy...but not now. Not with everything we have been going through to get to this point. I will just be devastated if this doesn't go through. I hate that she left it like that. What is it that she could not tell me over the phone or by email? I am hoping this is just a bit of me over reacting and nothing major. I emailed her asking if there was any way she could give me a heads up about what it is regards to. I haven't heard back. :( I am just bummed!

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  1. I hate when they do that. Just tell me on the phone!! I hope all is well and they are just looking for clarification on something.