Thursday, March 10, 2011

It takes a community to raise a child

Thanks to Karolyn,Karen & Kristin being in contact with me I have had a chance to put some deep thought into where I came from and how I got to be who I am... and that is one Stellar person! Lord only knows where this huge ego of mine came from. Many who know me have heard me refer to myself as Perfection Supersized. And luckily I feel like that 90% of the time. Noone can be perfect 100% :o)

There are so many people that have had their hands in molding who I am as a person. I was talking with my brother Den today about this and he was saying how most people only have their parents to do this. We are lucky enough to have so many people who have cared for us and impacted our lives.

Where so many people would use this as an excuse to be a less than ideal person, Den and I have both flourished and grown to be pretty good people. At least that is what we think.

I am so glad to be able to talk to the Bebee girls to see how our presence in their home effected them and also to get the perspective of a family that temporarily takes care of children and then has to give them up.
Because of this I will really be able to relate to the foster family of the child that we shall adopt.
I think will they want to know this child as they grow. I am open to that. I am really open to anyone that is a loving and positive person that is already in the child's life staying there. I am hoping that continuing the bonds with these people may help keep some form of stability in "Her" life. I am so grateful to their parents for allowing Den & I to join their family temporarily. What amazing is it for people to take in children that are not their own. And how after 30 years the whole family cares enough to find us. I am truly touched by this. I always knew that we had gone to live with them, but I never really thought about what that meant until recently during this adoption process.

This whole process is so making me appreciate my Mom so much. How fabulous was she to take in my brother (at age 10) and I (at age 12), when her own 4 children were already grown. How selfless that was of her. There are not alot of women who would do that. To know that she would not just live with my dad but required that they get married before living together to provide us with a stable home is really awesome. She really did put our needs above her own, way before we became her family.  My mom really does have the most beautful heart of anyone I know. What a fabulous role model for me and for my future daughter.

It is getting late, all three pups are lying on the couch around me snoring. I think it is time I should retire to bed and do a bit of reading.
I have been communicating withe the Bebee girls today and got a cute picture. This is me at their house for my 4th birthday...

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