Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cris' Million Question Profile

Phew, we are all done with Cris' questionnaire! That was rough. They ask the same questions several times. I understand they are looking for consistantcy but boy does it make it super long. The good thing is Cris and I are very aligned in our philosophies on how we want to raise the child. Which is great.
My parents are coming to visit this week and then we start our M.A.P.P. training the next week! Yea!!!
I am super excited about that! We go Friday for our finger printing also. So things are moving right along.
Class will be over May 14th, then it will be time for our home study. And then time to start meeting the kids :)
We are still planning on meeting Gabbrilla. And any other girls that they think may be a good fit for us.

Not much else to write tonight!

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