Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gabbrilla video

I have been talking with my parents alot and they have alot of advice and experiences to share to bring light to all sides of our decision. On the same day they posted a  video of Gabbrilla which I will attach a link to.
From the video we found out she is Hondorian and she has been living with her aunt who has older children.
She is very smart and talkative.And she wants dogs. She does have an attachment to her biological family. Cris and I both have questions about this for our social worker. Unfortuately we may not get answers until our classes are over in May and our back ground check clears. Cris and I agree that if her parents are in the US and have contact that this will not be the child for us. But if they are out of the country we do not have an issue if she knows her family.

She is still in the picture, but we will be continuing our search as well.
We have committed to each other that if either one of us has a bad feeling about any child  that we will tell each other and that we will respect that and not go with that child.
We are going to be in complete agreement on our choice.

Here is Gabbrilla's video.

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