Monday, May 07, 2012

Our Trip Is Booked To See Sweetie!

11 Days and we will finally be meeting Sweetie! With all of the twist and turns over the last 16 month it is almost hard to believe that we are finally getting to the point of meeting her. Yay! We booked our hotel room. 
We have a full schedule when we go down. Friday we will drive seven and a half hours to meet up with her social worker for lunch. Then we will meet up with her therapist and then meet her after school. 
The next day we are taking her to Wet N Wild with her foster mom and foster brother. 
That will be fun! Sunday we will just have breakfast and head home. I am sure it will go super fast and I will not want to leave her in Florida. There is a possibility that she may spend the night with us in our hotel room. We got a 1 bedroom suite, so if she does stay over there will be 2 sleeping areas.
We talked about having her come to visit after school gets out. For now I am aiming for the weekend of June 8th :) I can't wait for her to see her room and meet the dogs! That will be an awesome day!!!
Our call last night went well. Started kind of slow... typical kid stuff... like when I asked her what she did this week she answered by saying "nothing". I am actually glad to hear such a typical response from her. It was the first conversation where I didn't feel like she was trying to just please us. 
I had sent her a book about taking care of turtles this past week. During the call we talked a lot about different kinds of turtles and how to care for them. She made me laugh a few times during our turtle talk... at one point she mentioned how this one only needs a space of 15x15 feet... Once I explained that is larger than her room she laughed and said that maybe something smaller would be a good idea. 
She has been having some more challenging behavior with her foster mother. Nothing major, just starting to talk back a bit. I am thinking she is starting to push away as a form of protecting herself. Although this is a huge gain for our family, this is still another loss for Sweetie. It is so easy to forget in the middle of all of the excitement that this is a hard time for her, no matter how strong of a front she puts up. 
Just one more Sunday night conversation and we will go to see her. 

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