Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Today was my first Mother's Day and sadly my daughter is still in Florida. But I did get to talk to her! 
Our call today was an hour and a half. She wished me a happy mother's day and read me a poem she wrote for me. I will get a copy of Friday when we go down to meet her. She was very excited to read the poem she wrote for me. It was very touching. I am not sure if I will frame it or put it in the scrapbook I am starting for this chapter if our life. I was talking to her about scrapbooking and she wants to do a scrapbook together. 
We talked about how she will miss her foster mom and a couple of her friends when she moves. I reassured her that we will help her keep in contact. 

Our plans for this coming weekend are Friday meet Sweetie's social worker at noon, meet the social worker in the afternoon. Then after school we will meet Sweetie with her foster mother for dinner. Saturday we are going to a water park with just her. This will be our first full day together!
This week can not go fast enough! 

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