Friday, May 25, 2012

God Mother & Fairy God Mother

Sweetie is going to be one spoiled girl. We have decided instead of having a God Mother and a God Father to have 2 God Mothers. Or I should say a God Mother and a Fairy God Mother. 
I am a very fortunate girl to be blessed with many people in in my life that love us and are super supportive during good times and bad. In this world we are lucky if we can find one friend who truly gets you...I mean all of you. Not just the person that people see on the outside. These friends know the us at our worst. They are the ones that can tell you are having a crappy day within 2 seconds of talking to you on the phone. 
They are honest with you even when it is something you may not want to hear. In essence they are your sister, just not by birth. I have been blessed with not just one of these people, but two. In some ways my 2 best friends are  as completely opposite as you can get, but the one thing they both have in common is enormous hearts and the fact that we instantly clicked. As if they are my soul sisters and we were always meant to be in each others lives. They have been there to have fun with and go on vacation with. But more importantly, they have been there in the darkest of days. I can not even begin to imagine my life without them in it. They are as important to me as my husband, family and dogs. Sweetie is going to be so blessed to have these 2 amazing women in her life to have for support when she can't come to me because I am "Mom". That gives me such a sense of peace to know that Sweetie is going to have a family here in Charlotte to rely on. What more can a mom ask for from anyone? 

We are 2 weeks out from our trip to go down and bring Sweetie to Disney and then bring her up here. 
Her Fairy God Mother has been working in overdrive making plans to make this trip as magical as possible. With all kinds of surprises. Surely ones that will make me cry. This will be Sweetie's first trip to Disney. I can only imagine her excitement. 

I can not wait for her to come to Charlotte and meet her God Mother and the other important people in our lives. It is going to be an amazing week!!!

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  1. Aw, I just finally had the time to catch up on some of your blog posts- and I sit here in tears! (nothing new for me, I know) Ditto on being blessed to have YOU in my life! :)