Sunday, May 20, 2012

We Meet Sweetie For The First Time

Wow, what a trip! We could not have asked for things to go any better! 
The drive down went smoothly, but boy did my nerves get to me. By the time we hit Jacksonville, I was ready to get sick (but I didn't) I kept thinking what if she runs the other way. I know crazy thinking, but the thought was there. We met up with Sweetie's adoption worker first and she gave me a huge binder with lots of documentation from birth records to school records. And also all of the records from social services on her case. After an hour there we proceeded down to Palm Coast where we checked into our hotel. I had booked a 2 room suite, in case Sweetie had decided she wanted to sleep over. Which had been discussed and approved before hand. The room was beautiful and had a nice little surprise of a Jacuzzi tub :) Which I never got to use, but Sweetie did!
6:30 came, it was time for Sweetie, her foster mom and her therapist to come meet us at the hotel. 
The therapist got there first and I met him in the lobby. While we were talking I could see her walking in front of the hotel for the door and I just cut the therapist off mid-sentence and said " Is that my daughter?"
Just then she walks in the front door and she sees me and runs up instantly and gives me the biggest hug! 
We were both so excited, I just picked her up in a bear hug!  The first thing she said to me is "Oh gosh, you are so cute". in this squeaky little voice. She might be 12, but her size is that of an eight or nine year old and her voice sounds even younger. We walked upstairs to our room hand in hand and then she met Cris.
The first thing she said to him was "Wow you are Buff" while grabbing his biceps. She then wanted to give me some presents, which included my mothers day poem, a pair of earrings, a reed diffuser and some pictures she drew for me. As well as some graded test she has recently taken.
From there we went to dinner with everyone, followed by going to the pool. She loves to be in the water as much as I do. After that Cris painted her nails and put heart decals on them. Sweetie decided to stay the night Friday night, so Cris took the fold out couch and we had a girls sleep over where we stayed up too late laughing and being silly. Saturday we got up and headed to Orlando where we went to Downtown Disney and Disney Quest. We did a little shopping. Cris liked talking with Sweetie about Oakley Sunglasses (that is what they are doing in the above picture). Then had dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe. I showed Sweetie how to use my SLR camera and she enjoyed taking pictures of all the animals in the dining area. 
She has a pretty good eye and gets the focus right and the pictures centered. Then it was time to go and I gave her a piggy back ride all the way to the car, which was quite far away. I joked how I was going to lose a ton of weight just trying to keep up with her and carry her. 
We went back to Palm Coast where we went swimming. Cris started teaching Sweetie some word in Spanish, it was real cute.Sweetie had said she wasn't going to go to sleep until 3 am. They poor thing was so tired she passed out before midnight. A good thing, because I never would have made it! 
This am we went to Panera and got some breakfast then took Sweetie home, where we were able to see her room and spend a little time with her. She must have given us 20 hugs and kisses each and telling us she loved us and wanted us to adopt her now. Then we had to drive away with her waving from the door.
When we were almost home I called to check on her and she was so sad. Her foster mom told me she was sad and I could also just hear it on her voice when she was on the phone. She said she was missing us already and she wants us to come next week. It just breaks my heart to hear her so sad.
Our original plan was to have to visit there one more time and then have her come here for a week and then move her by mid to end of July. I am going to see if we can skip the next visit down there and just bring her up here for a week.
I want to take a second to thank everyone who has been supporting us through this journey. The comments and the prayers we have received have been amazing. I feel so blessed to have so many people care enough about our journey to follow it on this blog and through my facebook. It is completely overwhelming to see all of the awesome comments and Likes on our pictures. Having you all along for the ride of this journey has meant more than you will ever know. Love you all :) Now, this girl is going to cuddle up with my pups and pass out myself! 


  1. Jen I am so happy for you guys! She is beautiful and you guys are perfect for her!!! I had tears in my eyes reading this.. I hope the time goes by fast and she's back in your arms soon!


  2. OMG, i dont think its possible to read this and not cry.. out of happiness of course. I am so incredibly happy for you and Cris, and Sweetie! Big hugs and we can't wait to meet her up here! :)