Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mr. Slow Pants

The past week have been more drama with our agency. I am not even going to get into it. It all comes down to contracts and how much money they will get paid. I am trying not to think about it. It is not worth getting worked up until I Get a final contract.

With the recommendation of our attachment therapist, we are strongly considering homeschooling Sweetie.I have a meeting with a friend on Tuesday to discuss her doing this for us. She is already homeschooling her 12 year old son. So this could work really well.

We had our second call with Sweetie tonight. We were on the phone almost an hour. She was talking about clothes, shoes and pets and how she always wanted a turtle that she could call Mr. Slow Pants. She is quite funny. She said that she knows that she should not move so fast but she really wants to come visit us the next school break. (that is Memorial Day Weekend). I said we were OK with that. I asked her if she wanted us to come visit first and she does. She said in 4 weeks. Which is Mother's Day Weekend! She wants us to bring the dogs.
The thing she said that made me almost loose it was when she said that we seem like the family she has always dreamed of. I told her that we really want to be that family and will work hard to be it!

She was very talkative tonight, she talked about how she has moved so many times, she just doesn't care anymore. She talked about her sister who is still a Missing Child, she talked about how she needs to be pushed to clean her room. But she can be persuaded to do chores for money.

She was very interactive in our conversation, if we would both talk at same time, she was would apologize and say you go ahead. She is working very hard on her manners. She talked about when she has a bad day needing to cool off and how she has learned to do that.

It was a good conversation and we can't wait for the next one!!!

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  1. Sorry to hear about all the drama and knowing that is rooted in $$$. How sad! Hope is eternal though. Sweetie sounds like she really wants to be with you, what a great feeling to be wanted and loved. I know it goes both ways for you guys.

    We homeschool our daughter and love it. We use an online resource, Time4Learning. It does all the record keeping for us, and my daughter enjoys using it. They have a free e-book written by homeschooling families for new homeschooling families. It is comprehensive without being overwhelming. You find it helpful.

    Best wishes to you all. Hope Mr. Slow Pants finds his way into the family, too!

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