Thursday, April 05, 2012

Big Things Coming

I am always amazed at how blessed I am by my friends. Today because of one of my dearest friends I am able to write this while sitting of the balcony of the Grand Floridian at Disney World overlooking a lake and Cinderella's Castle. The birds are singing and it is the beginning of a gorgeous day. Everything has been so busy the sat couple weeks. My brother, sister n law and Taylor came to visit , followed by my parents visiting and now I have been whisked away to dIsney for a whirlwind trip that has so far been magical! Last evening we had dinner at TRex followed by taking K & N to Cirque du Soliel, La Nouba. It was amazing! To watch N was worth every cent of the tickets. To see a child who normal keeps her emotions subdued and doesn't allow herself to just enjoy things, just let go and laugh and point and just be amazed was the highlight of my night!! If I were a softy like why wonderful friend K, I would have cried...but this girl kept her emotions in check. We have had so much going on with the adoption but I have no time to write about it, so I will take advantage of my early morning quite to do so.As in every other part of our journey here have been a few bumps, but luckily we were able to quickly over come them. We are dealing with what is known as the Interstate Compact Act. This is where the 2 states involved in the adoption battle out what benefits the child will receive once we take placement. This includes a monthly subsidy, medical and psychological coverage, lawyer fees, post placement visits, finalization fees, ect. We had a large conference call Monday with everyone involved, we were able to discuss our future daughters needs specifically and work on a start to a visitation schedule.we all agree the getting her here several weeks before school starts is in her best interest. We had to fill out a bunch more paperwork and receive 5 more references for Florida. Our first talk by phone with her will be this Sunday. Then our first meeting will be May 18th weekend. We have a lot to be excited about coming up. I wonder about her all the time. As I walk through Disney I think that next time I am here she will be with me. What will she like? Will she think it is corny to get pixie dust sprinkled on her hair and arms? Will she love the Miss Mismatch Store? Will she hold my hand and skip through Disney or ride piggy back?The sun is rising on what is going to be another truly amazing day here at Disney. I will write again after our phone call Sunday!

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