Sunday, April 08, 2012

First Call

We had our first call with Sweetie this evening! Actually, just as I was calling them, she called us! I answered the phone and there she was! I was so excited! We talked for about 30 minutes, during the time she was always very polite, saying Ma'am when she couldn't hear me talk. During this conversation we learned the following about her:
She loves dogs and wants a big dog someday like a Lab or German Shepard
Her Favorite Artist is Adele
She can sing well
She likes musical instruments ( but not any you blow) she mentioned the drums,guitar
She likes to go horseback riding
Her favorite color is Lime Green
Her favorite subject in School is Math
Her Favorite Foods are French Fries and Fruit
She Dislikes Meatloaf, Cabbage and Brussel Sprouts
She likes to run
She likes to go swimming
She has a real sweet personality on the phone and is very confident. 
I said to her that I heard she was a very special young lady and she answered with "Yes I am!"
To which I responded that we were a special family!  I love the is very like my own! 

We are very excited to talk more with her and her foster mom. Her foster mom has been fabulous! I really like her and I look forward to developing a friendship with her. 

On another note we added a loft bed to Sweetie's room. It looks so cool in there!!! I love to be in there. It is so peaceful and just feels good to be in there! I hope she likes it as much as I do!

We sent her a care package with photos of us, the dogs, the house. As well as a journal with pen, a Scentsy stuffed animal that smells like lavender, a butterfly like the ones hanging in her room and a card. 

It is so appropriate for us to have our first call on Easter. It is a new beginning for her and us. Out of something truly devastating comes beauty and hope. 

Love this song... It Might Be Hope by Sara Groves

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