Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meeting With Bio-Mom

Today was my first meeting with bio-mom. I am thinking if we can get to know each other that she may relinguish her rights vs having them TPR'd (terminated by the state). The meeting went as good as could be expected. She was so young. As much as she wants to be Tiny's mom, she just doesn't have the capability to do what is required. My heart is sad for her. But, what is in Tiny's best interest is what is most important. 
My hope is that bio-mom will see that Tiny is really doing best with us. She is thriving in our home. 

Tiny will be 8 months old in a couple more weeks. This is when major bonding occurs. I know that the more she bonds with us the more difficult the weekly visits with her bio-mom will become. 
We have been getting Tiny a lot which make us super happy. Life is just complete now. Even when we get up in the middle of the night I am happy. To go in and see her little smile when she sees you is enough to melt your heart. So this is good for us and for her. She has really bonded quickly with Cris and I. 

I took Tiny to the pediatrician yesterday for a cough she has had since she came to Charlotte. I loved Dr. Anne Walker! She spent over an hour with us and this  was not even her full exam. She gave us a prescription for Ventolin to try to open up Tiny's airways . She was also worried about her lazy eye and wants us to see a specialist. We may need to do patch therapy on her...which means they will cover the good eye with a patch, and for the lazy eye to work harder, thus making it stronger. 
If we don't do this, she can eventually lose sight in the lazy eye. But more immediately she would have depth perception issues. If the patch therapy doesn't work she may need surgery to correct it. 

On another front, we received bios on a sibling group a Sister who is 5 and a brother who is almost 2. They are legally available for adoption. Cris and I are requesting additional info to see if this is something we can handle. We have discussed it and ultimately we are open to having 3 children. So if the children;s issues are not too severe we may decide to try to meet them. The way we look at it, if things work out as we hope than we will have 3 children, If for some reason it does not work out, than we will have 2. 
That is the most difficult aspect of our process with Tiny, there is no guarantee. I wish there was, but sadly there is none. 

As always I am in awe of the amount support,gifts and love we have received from everyone. Our family is blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives. 

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