Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

I sit here on New Years Day more tired than I can remember being in years, but happier than I have ever been in my life. We had a nice get together last night with Tiny Bit, Little Bit, Aunt, Uncle, our friends Kim,her hubby,daughter and other friends. It was nice low keyed. We ate lots of food, the kids played Wii and we watched Transformers. We got a special surprise and Tiny got to sleep over!!! It was the best gift that anyone could ever give to us. It was about 1:30 by the time we got to go to bed, Tiny woke up for a bottle at 4:00 for an hour and I was back up at 8:00. I had a hard time sleeping because I was so excited. Cris had a hard time sleeping too, he kept going in to check on her. He is around wrapped around her little finger.
The pups have been fabulous with her and her sister Little.

We will have tiny over night for a couple nights this week, it will be good to see how we are going to do things with work. It is actually a little more complicated now than it will be, because we are having our friend Kim baby sit and she lives about 30 minutes away.
We have been interviewing babysitters for when Tiny comes to live here. We have narrowed it down and found a really good one about 10 minutes from our house, she is a licensed day care provider buy limits her care to only a couple children at a time. She has a separate floor of her house for the day care which I like. I am going to do reference checks and background checks and if all clears we will secure her.

Now all we need is the state to approve our paperwork ( About 45 more business days)!

So, 2012 has started at an all time high. my friend Kim put this video on my facebook page  and it is going to be the song of our year...

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  1. This is so awesome! So happy for you, Cris and that lucky baby girl!