Sunday, January 08, 2012

In the process over a year

Well, it's been a year and 2 days since we started our process, and we have yet to be approved, even though our paperwork has been sent to the state. Actually we just got another email on Friday asking me exactly how old was I when my bio-mother died. Seriously! Does it really matter if I was 4 or 5? Like it makes a difference? That makes almost as much sense as being asked where my dogs slept! In reality, since we have this arrangement worked out with Aunt & Uncle the approval from CHS is kind of not needed this very second. But it would still be nice to get it. We have worked so hard on this, it will feel like an enormous accomplishment to get that stamp of approval. That has really been the hardest part of this process. They study every aspect of your life and then keep digging deeper and deeper needing to "clarify" more and more information. I don't have a problem with that. I have a problem in the manner in which they do it. It really makes you feel like something is wrong with you. 

On a happy note... we have been having a lot of time with Tiny Bit! We are really enjoying every moment of it. She is absolutely precious and sweet. You can't help but fall in love with her. We have been receiving all kinds of gifts and hand me downs, which is awesome. Everything from toys,clothing, safety equipment to books. We appreciate every one's generosity! 

As much as we are falling in love , we still need every one's prayers, good thoughts etc to help us through the next year. So far we have had all good. But we know that the challenges of dealing with bio-mom are ahead of us. And there is always that nagging knowing that there is a chance that bio-mom can get all her stuff together and get Tiny back. The chances are slim, but there is still a chance. I look at the situation as if for some reason she does get her back that we have made a significant contribution to Tiny's development. I don't think that will comfort me all that much if we were to lose her, but it is something positive. But I am going to live in my world where unicorns fart rainbows and plan that all is going to continue to move forward smoothly. In my perfect world bio-mom will see how much we can offer Tiny and relinquish her rights to us. So that is what I am going to ask for peoples prayers and thoughts to be directed towards. Thank you for all of your support, we love you all! 

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