Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Social Worker

So physicals are now out of the way. Last evening we met our new social worker. Monica has over 15 years of pre-adoption social work experience. She is very gung ho to get going with this. She thinks are approval should go through any time now and she is working on our Foster Home Application.
She will be the one who helps match us with our future child(ren) We need to send her a good picture of the both of us so that she can make an online profile for us. She is very enthusiastic and says she will really be marketing us heavily. She is quick to respond to emails. I am really hopeful that things will move along quicker now.

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  1. Oh, such great news!! It won't be long now!! ~and won't be difficult to find a good picture of you and Cris, you're such a beautiful couple! Keeping you in our prayers! ~Kelly