Monday, August 15, 2011

I swore to myself I would stop looking....

I stayed home from work today because my gallbladder flared up again last night. Unfortunately it was self inflected. I went to a friends house for dinner yesterday and she made pot roast. Beef is pretty much an absolute no no for me. Being polite and the fact that it was fabulous, I ate it. But I paid the price all last night

I swore to myself that I would stop looking online at the waiting children's profiles... but I just can't help myself. Today when I checked I expected to see the same group of children that I have views a million and one times. But today a new face appeared. He is a 9 year old Hispanic child whose sister is in the process of becoming legally cleared for adoption and they want to place them together.
Could this be why our process has taken so long? I keep believing that the children we are meant to have we will have. Can I dare hope that these are the children????

Here is Christian's profile:

That would be so cool to have Cristhian and Christian. That will surely mess everyone up! Including me!
I don't have any info on the sister yet.
I emailed my social worker and literally a minute later she responded that she was on it!
She is amazing!!!
So keep us in your thoughts and prayers!!! Thanks ya'll!!

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