Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Anything else??

What a roller coaster week. First I get an email that I should hear about my approval by Monday and then, oops we need more info...I received an email yesterday saying we needed physicals. So today I went and Thursday Cris goes. I am not sure why they didn't tell me about this earlier. But, I am just going with it.

We have been very busy lately. I started therapy last week and had my second visit tonight. I really like Katherine. She thinks we should be able to tie up what we need to for CHS next week. Yay! We agree that it may be best to hold off on visits until we have our kid(s). Using this as a baseline of my personality, so she has something to compare it to. I got a nice compliment from her. I was telling her how my husband really likes these 3 little hispanic girls. And that I was unsure that we could handle it. She said that I was a very adjusted person and would do great with 3. I am still thinking 2 is best for us.

We meet our new social worker Monica on Friday evening. She is very on top of things! She is very quick to email me back and has had answers to everything I have asked! So I am looking forward to meeting her.
To be safe I called up to Greensboro to CHS home office to make sure they still have all of our photo books. I had to leave a message, so hoping to hear back tomorrow.

So, let's see...what else is going on with our life? We have been hanging out alot with all our neighbors. Which is great! We are really blessed with some fabulous neighbors! We have lived here 3 years, but have stuck to ourselves for the most part until 2 months ago. I went to church with Amy this past week and really liked her church, so I am going to start going there.

Saturday I am hosting book club here :) It will be nice to catch up with all the girls.
I am hoping to have alot more to write soon!

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