Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I had made a dental appointment for Baby L's grandmother for today a week or so ago. About an hour and a half before her appointment she called me at work...and i was thinking "oh, she must be cancelling-bummer".
Well she was very excited and told me that her husband was on the way up to pick up baby L; that DSS had removed her from her bio mom. This is what I thought was going to take forever to do and it has only been a few weeks. The nicest part is he drove straight from picking her up to bring her to my work, so I could see her and so we could all have lunch together. They then came over again tonight so Cris could meet her.
We are so beyond the moon happy. We are happy she is safe, we are happy for the family that we are building in the grandmother and grandfather ( who from this moment on will be called Aunt & Uncle). Our dear mutual friend, her husband and daughter came for the visit. This will become our family. None of us have family here and we have all just clicked, which is fabulous!

So, for now Baby L will live with her Aunt & Uncle until our paper work has cleared...which can take up to 50 days. Hopefully the babies social worker can help get us approved sooner.
In the meantime we are going to visit with them and spend as much time as we can with them.
The Aunt & Uncle had previously adopted Baby L's sister who is 11 months older than her. She was here today as well. Cris & her have a great bond... it is awesome. She just loves him.

My heart is so happy, it is ready to burst out of my chest!!! How will I ever fall asleep tonight?


    <3 Just Jenn
    ~A Chosen Child

  2. this post made me so excited for you! i really hope this is the miracle you have been waiting for and it sounds like it! Things always happen for a reason and you are good people and deserve the best!