Saturday, December 17, 2011

80th Post...Things can change in the blink of an eye.

This is my 80th Post and my blog has had 7040 views..Who would I thoiught I could be that interesting? When I started this blog back in February, our journey was so different. Really, I thought by summer I would have a tween girl lounging around our house having those hormonal moments that pre teen girls do. Here we are now, right before Christmas, with no child, but with so much more. We have a chance at adding a baby girl to our family.... we have added to our family 2 sisters, a brother and 2 nieces. We have quickly formed bonds with Tiny's, Aunt & Uncle and with my fabulous friend Kim, her husband and her daughter ( who I absolutely adore) Uncle nicknamed the girls Tiny (baby L) and her sister Little... so I think for the blog I will use those.

Since Wednesday when Tiny can "home" to live with her Aunt & Uncle I have been able to see L 4 times. I also got to see her big sister (Little). We just love spending time with them. It is amazing how the simplest of things can bring such joy. To people who have not had any issues having a baby, I am sure that the things I am so enjoying are everyday, boring events. But to me they are the most precious of moments. To see a baby a sleep in my husbands arms, when I thought there was absolutely no chance of us ever having a baby is absolutely breathtaking. I am enjoying the high of this, but in the back of my head there is the constant voice reminding me that this may not work out. Everything looks promising, but I have to stay grounded. It is hard to not get attached to her or to her sister. They are both so sweet and cute. To look into their eyes and see their smiles will just melt your heart... well, it melts mine. And I am pretty sure that Tiny has Cris wrapped around her finger already.

Tiny is so strong for her age. I can hold her hands and she will stand and bounce up and down. I swear she will walk soon.  We met Uncle at the mall today, he had taken the girls for a picture with Santa. He gave me one of the pictures. I love the picture! The girls were wearing the matching outfits I got them yesterday. It is going to be so easy to spoil these two :) I have already been told that Aunt & I are NOT allowed to go shopping together! She is enjoying buying for 2 as well!!

Wednesday is a big day, that is when the Aunt & Uncle have a meeting with DSS to see what is going on and come up with a plan. We are hoping that we can get permission to babysit L. That will be good for us to be able to bond and also to give Aunt & Uncle a break. Which is great for all involved :)

Aunt, Uncle and the girls will be going on a trip from Christmas Eve am for a week. I will miss them. We will have to have our celebration when they get back to kick off the New Year. It is going to be a big year. One of big ups and downs and hopefully ending next December with us being able to adopt Tiny.
Christmas will be pretty low key this year, Cris & I will visit with my friend Kim and her family and then go to the movies like we tradionally do. This will hopefully be the last year that we do that.

I have had so many people supporting us through our journey. The ups and the downs. I appreciate the encouraging words in our bad times and the cheers at our good times. I am really a blessed person to have so many people care for us the way they do. Our child whether it is Tiny or anyone else is also going to be blessed by having all of you in her corner. Love to you all!

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  1. Jen I am so happy for you and your hubby seeing and eating you this happy make my heart melt! I hope everything works out for you guys you deserve it more than anyone I know!

    Love Leah