Sunday, February 27, 2011

Questions, Questions and more questions

We received our next stack of paperwork. This is the everything there is to know about us packet. 35 pages of essay style questions for each of us. Questioning everything from our childhoods, to our plans for daycare, to how we plan on dealing with nudity. Now there is something I never thought of.

We were also asked to start working on our Adoption Profile Scrapbook. So I am going through my thousands of pictures trying to find the ones that best represent us, our family & friends. I love this part.
I like the idea behind it to. Unlike private adoption where this is used for the birth mother to pick the family she wants the child to go to; they use it for the foster child to get to know their new family. Even if they can't read they can look at the pictures and the foster parents can read it to them. From the research I have done, this book becomes something that they continue to look at once they come to live with the adoptive parent.
Since I enjoy scrap booking so much this will be very enjoyable for me to do.

So things seem to be moving right along. And time is going quickly. Cris is going to Ecuador this week and then I am throwing a Bachelorette party for my good friend Nikki. The week after that I am off to Asheville to visit Krysha. The weekend after that my parents are coming. And I am hoping to start painting "Her" room. Speaking of "Her" room, we were able to find a bed fame for the mattress and box spring we already have. I am going to make a headboard out of pickets and paint a picket fence on the wall that the bed will be on. I am then going to see if my friend Alex can paint Hunter, Darling and Oakley in front of the fence.
I am going to paint the wall behind the fence Sky Blue and paint clouds and grass and some flowers.
I am going to ask Alex to help me do a big tree in the corner with birds and then a pond with lily pads and frogs under the window, with pussy willows on both sides of the window and dragon flies flying around and above the window.
I hope that it is not too much. The rest of the room I am going to leave blank and get input from "Her" on what she wants.

Back to our crazy busy schedule. We will start our M.A.P.P. training the weekend after my parents leave. 2 weeks after that ends we are going on our Honeymoon Cruise. That will be the peace before the real  fun starts :)

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