Saturday, September 01, 2012

7 weeks

Well, we survived our first week of school. Things have been trying, but we are still here!
We have been extremely chaotic since last week...Sweetie has been able to keep it together in school. Yay! This means she can keep it together! Once she gets home though is another story. She has been extremely argumentative, arguing over just about anything. This is where all my reading and listening to CDs about attachment disorder are paying off. She really has no clue how to deal with me. 
Every other adult in her life up until now has either hurt her, failed her or left her. The pain from that has caused Sweetie to build this huge wall around her heart to protect her. Every time I get one brick down, she quickly fills that hole with another one. Kim is great about reminding me that these defense mechanisms are the reason she is still on this earth. 

I have been working on getting Sweetie's dental needs taken care of. Dr. Kelly is going to come in on her day off so we can do IV sedation on Sweetie to take care of her root canals and fillings. 
I finally received Sweetie's dental records yesterday. I was shocked to find that one of the root canals were diagnosed over 2 years ago. She has been in 2 foster homes in that time and no one took her to address these issues. I am grateful that we can still save the teeth. It is amazing that she is not in agony!

Well, next week will be rough as well... All week I have to take Sweetie to Kim's at 6 am.The good part is is I can pick her up from school all week. The bad is most nights we have something going on, she has therapy one night, her physical with shots another. 
There always seems to be something now a days. 

Well, I am beat so I am off to bed!


  1. Jennifer...did you write that song? :) Keeping you, your hubby and your Sweetie in my prayers.

    Linda, the notary. ;)

  2. Welcome to parenthood! Your time is never your own, whether the child is in your sight or not. They inhabit your every waking moment, even if only peripherally. It's the best ride ever! We just started in eighth grade here and are off to a rolling start! Miss you!