Monday, March 19, 2012

We Are Going For It!

We received the email today about  the preteen girl  in Florida stating that the other family that was also interested in her has had to back out. I am not sure why, I am sure it would have been difficult to coordinate a transition from Korea. I have been praying that if we are meant to be her family that it would go forward easy and if not that the other family would have been chosen. What a relief to not have to wait for the call to see who was chosen at the Match Meeting. They are still going to meet just to discuss us and work on a transition plan.
Her therapist is going to talk to her about us on Thursday of this week and then we will talk to her on the phone next week. After that we will go down for a visit a couple times and then do a few weekend visits her. I think it will be best to let her finish up school in Florida.
I will update everyone as we receive more details :) Yay!

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