Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just a Good Day

Today was just a nice day. No major ups or downs. Just a beautiful spring day here in Charlotte. 
I went to our SPAFA meeting this morning, where we had an awesome speaker, Melissa Robinson of Whole Child Coaching. We had several new couples come in. They made me think of how far we have come in the last 15 months. How much I have learned, not only about adoption...but also myself. I have been pushed beyond my comfort zone so many times that I don't even think I have one anymore. I look at the positive changes I have made in my life over this time. I have cut negative people from my life, I have grown some wonderful friendships, I have educated myself and I have found a church that I really like and feel comfortable in. I look at how this process has actually improved my relationship with my husband Cris. Not that we were having any major issues before. But, the process forces a lot of communication between a couple. It is completely uncomfortable at times and you learn to lean on each other. We have really found out so much about ourselves and each other during this process.And for this I am grateful.

There was something about seeing the faces of people that are so hopeful and eager to get started and I remember being there. I realized that during all of the giant ups and downs I lost that feeling somewhere. Reflecting on that I have a renewed sense of excitement and hope. 
Friday, one of my best friends gave me an adoption tee shirt that says "Yes I am adopting. No I haven't heard anything yet.......But each day brings me closer to my child."
So many times I have gotten caught up with the first part of the statement and forget about the last part.... EACH DAY BRINGS ME CLOSER TO MY CHILD!  Wow, Right?  So, I need to just appreciate that each day that I am in fact getting closer. 
The next 3 weeks will be pretty eventful. We are being considered for 3 different kids during their Match Meetings. We have a matching event next Sunday where we will go bowling with a bunch of foster children from our county. That will be fun! 
This coming weekend my brother, wife and my niece are coming to visit from NY, the weekend after my parents are coming to visit. The following week I go to Disney with Kim and Nia! So this is going to be an amazing few weeks. Lord knows, with things being so crazy busy, this will probably be when we get called for our match! And you won't  hear this girl complain if it happens that way :) 

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