Thursday, September 15, 2011

Psychological Assessment

On the 29th of August I finsihed up the therapy they requested me to do. I am glad iI did it only for the fact that I really liked the therapist for our children. It is good to have a relationship with her already. And it is also good for her to see us before we are dealing with issues of blending our family together. The full assessment is being mailed in tomorrow. I can not imagine what else they can ask for except for DNA!
I know a big oart of our journey taking so long is the fact that our new social worker is just swamped. She has everyone that I still talk to from our MAPP classes.And I know she has other families as well.
I am trying so hard to be inderstanding of this...but it still makes me want to scream.
I am really excited that my friend Jen gave us a small tv/dvd for the nd kids room. Now both kids will have tv.dvrs. I am not going to hook the tvs up to cable. There is just too many inappriate shows on now a days.
I am really looking forward to when my parents come at the end of the month, so we can start working on that second kids room :)  And mostly looking forward to the map project. The map project that I am going to put on the wall is a large world map. I am going to take string (yarn) and attaching it to the map and then to a picture frame with a picture of something from that city. ( ie the Great Wall for China)
I am hoping that will turn out cool!

Well, it has been a super long day and I am off to bed! Good Night World!

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