Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hurry Up And Wait

MAPP classes are done, 101 pages of essay questions done, CPR done, home study done,fire inspection done, 2 sets of finger prints done, background checks done, photo profile done...just getting the last of our references together. They get turned in Tuesday and Friday my social worker sits down with the head of CHS to get everything finalized. Once that is done, everything comes back for us to sign and then gets sent up for approval to the state.
After the approval we can start getting bios and go to match events. I am praying we are good to go for the match event on June 11th.
I am feeling pretty good about how quickly our process has gone. So many in our class had started back in the fall and still haven't gotten as far as we have. And there are others who have not even been assigned a social worker. Alot of the process depends on how quickly and thoroughly we complete our parts.
Cris & I have been on top of everything. The family that came in to talk to us took 2 years to complete the process, but they were slow with getting things back and also they wanted a young child, they ended up with 2 young children.

I am glad to have my Saturdays back, but I will miss getting to see Leigh Ann, Jerel, Michelle & Mark. OK, not too much since we are getting together Friday for dinner. It will be interesting to see how all of our searches go. Both couples are interested in out of state adoption. We are not. It will be hard enough on the child to start with move to a new family and school. There is a good chance that the child will have siblings and I would really like to maintain a relationship between our child and any siblings as best we can.
I know it is healthier for the child that way.

Cris was talking to someone at a wedding last night and told them that we would be adopting 1 or 2 children. That is cool to know he is open to a second child down the road.Cris says the next year or two. Sometimes of the biological family has another child that gets relinquished to Foster Care they will try to get the adoptive family of the one sibling to adopt the second child. That would be great too!

Well, I probably won't have much to write for a little bit...but then things will be popping!!!!

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