Sunday, July 05, 2015


A year ago we had just admitted Sweetie into a Psychiatric hospital where she would spend 10 days before going onto the PRTF. In a town an hour away a young single mom found out that she was pregnant. Both this mom and I were smack dab in the middle of a long season of suffering. Both of us not knowing what lay ahead. And then we found each other. In me,she found a family for her unborn son and in her I found someone who truly understands my daughter. We have developed a bond that few people will ever experience.

What a difference a year has made. I am not going to say that it has been an easy year. There were more hard times than easy times. But the good moments have been so sweet. This weekend was full of those sweet moments. It started Friday when we finally got the order from the court stating the birth father did not have to give consent. So there are no more obstacles in our adoption!!! We won't hear anything until we receive a copy of the adoption decree.

Sweetie arrived Friday evening as well. We had a wonderful weekend. She was is a really good place. She really adores Spartacus. He has been so good for her. I sit back and watch as she responds with such joy to his smiles. With him, she has a clean slate. There is no judgement, there are no hurt feelings, there is only love. I see how protective she is of him already and how responsive she is to him. He is such a happy baby and barely cries. When he did cry, she quickly rushed to get him his pacifier or would start make sushing sounds that she has heard me make when I try to soothe him. 
I am excited to see how their relationship grows over the years. In her life 18
sets of parents have failed her, neglected and abused her. In her eyes her sister has hurt her and abandoned her. The only relationship she has never experienced seems to be the one that will help bring her heart healing. God knew she needed a Brother. 

Brother let me be your shelter
I'll never leave you alone
I can be the one you call
When your low
Brother let me be your fortress
When the night winds are driving on
Be the one to light the way 
Bring you home