Thursday, July 26, 2012

Big Week

This week has just flown by! Overall it has been a good week. We are still adjusting to life as a family. Getting used to driving Sweetie to Kim's each morning before work and then picking her up again has been the biggest adjustment. This has been made a bit easier with awesome friends like Antoinette and Amy making us meals! These have been lifesavers. The time that I would normally be cooking, I can spend doing things with Sweetie.

 We had some big milestones in our adoption journey. We had been looking for someone to notarize our Adoption Petition and Sweetie's Consent for Adoption, however we had been unsuccessful. We had finally just come to realization that we would have to just go to a bank and do it. I wanted it to more special than that. Than I received a message on Facebook from Kim that someone I had meet through SPAFA had contacted her and offered to do it. So I contacted Linda on Facebook and she wrote back that she could come right now! WOW!!! So I made some quick calls to get witnesses. At almost 9 at night Linda as well as my neighbors Amy and Joe came over to be our witnesses. I feel so fortunate to have people in our lives that we can call at night, who will drop what ever it is that they are doing to be a part of our journey. It was so nice to be able to stand around our kitchen table while each person signed.

The next night we had our first post adoption visit with Erin from the Nathanson Adoption Agency! She was Awesome!!! She gets Sweetie's special needs and really made us feel at ease. Sweetie was a bit quiet and rough with her answering at first, but quickly warmed up. I am sure having a social worker in the house brought up all kinds of bad feelings. Another time there has been one in her home in the past was not for good things. Erin confirmed with me that we were handling Sweetie exactly how we should and she seemed very pleased with us as parents. Just 2 more visits with her and we are good to go! We are scheduled for our 2nd visit August 22nd. Right before school starts.

The next day, Sweetie was having a rough time. I think that her big feelings of fear were starting to surface. She told Cris that I lied to her and tricked her into signing her Consent for Adoption. Part of me was hurt by this, but I understand that she sometimes only pays attention to parts of sentences and creates "realities" around that fragment of a sentence. I handled this by putting her consent and our petition in an addressed, stamped envelope and giving it to her to mail when she felt ready. Today while she was with Kim, they went to a mailbox where she mailed put it in the mailbox herself. Which is what she is doing in the above picture :)
She then went to an art class today where she did a beautiful VanGogh copy. Sweetie is very talented in the arts. She can draw, paint and is musically inclined.

 Sweetie has been starting to eat better. She is now up to 75 pounds from 69 pounds and she is super excited about this, as am I! Ideal weight is 81-91 pounds for her height. So we are almost there. Her appetite is suppressed by the medications she takes, so finding creative ways to get good calories in has been tricky, but we are doing.

Again, I sit here amazed by the support we are receiving. My dear friend Kim, who I swear is a saint has been so wonderful and has been taking great care of Sweetie during work days. Some adoptive parents from church have reached out to me.It is just so amazing how many people have touched our lives through out this journey! We are truly blessed.

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