Thursday, November 15, 2012

Little Victories

When things are bad around here they are really bad. It can wear you down, leaving you exhausted and nerves exposed. It makes you feel you can't handle one thing. And then you find peace. I am glad we have been experiencing some calm with Sweetie. It is so easy to get caught up in the chaos and not appreciate the little victories that are occurring all the time. Things that most parents just expect out of their children become our little victories. When she can for even just a moment, trust that we are going to take care of her needs, that is a victory. When she can get pushed by a kid at school and not hit back that is a victory. When she chooses to study for a test instead of playing a game that is a victory. These are all things that Sweetie's diagnosis say she can't do. But she is doing them! Yes, for every big step forward we take a step back, that is why specialist refer to it as the dance of attachment. The important thing is there are these steps forward. When I am at my wits end I remember these victories. I remember that just 2 months ago the littlest thing would set off tantrums that resulted in broken doors and holes in walls. I could not even breathe without her making a nasty comment. Now when she gets frustrated she cries, and she gets over it. That is a HUGE victory! So I know in my heart of hearts we are getting through. We may be exhausted, but we are changing her life. I pray daily that it is enough. It has to be enough.
Tomorrow is National Adoption Day. We have been invited to participate in Charlotte National Adoption Day events at the Charlotte Courthouse. This should be a great thing. I have no clue what emotions that may surface from this. But we will deal with what ever comes our way.

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  1. you are doing a wonderful thing! the age is tough even with the extra problems...keep your head up! we are all rooting for you!